Slick Mobile Marketing
Engage your app visitors with in-app messaging, push notifications, in-app chat using behavior, gesture and geolocation data

Beacon Tracking

The Physical world ,software defined. Track people & assets in your storefront to ensure things happen at the right place at the right time.

Gesture and Behaviors

Touches & Gestures like swipe, tap, pinch and rotate can be tracked. The SDK can help you to discover in-efficient areas on your app for you to fine tune you mobile application.


Personalize your engagement by enabling real time feedback from other touch points to create messages that connect more strongly with recipients. Personalization can increase message relevancy, engender trust and enhance appeal.

Push Notification

Enable a chance of instant communication with customers and prospects. Increase traffic,Foster Engagment and get insights on customer behavior


Generate event triggered actions,Real Time Coordinate and achieve accurate location based reporting.

In-App Chat

Allow your customers to move from the grid of users to active customers through higher engagement and customized alerts