Segment Builder

Segments are subgroups of contacts. Each segment contains contacts that share similar characteristics or behaviors. When you segment contacts, you can send more accurately targeted messages — the crucial component of marketing. Creating segments makes your work easier and effective.

Plumb5’s segment builder truly sets the platform apart. Our segment builder is a feature that allows you to create “segments on the fly” from all the data points within the platform. Use segment builder to leverage all omni-channel data to create highly personalized communications.

Using OmniChannel Data in Segmentation

There is a lot of global data automatically stored in Plumb5 that you may not be aware of. In our platform, you can you have access to the following data:

  • Contact Details : including Email, First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Phone, Organization, Date Subscribed, Time Subscribed, IP Address, Tag, and Total Conversion Value.

  • Custom Fields: any custom fields you create.

  • Actions : including Has clicked on a link, Has not clicked on a link, Has opened, Has not opened,Has forwarded, Has not forwarded, Has replied, Has not replied, In list, Not in list, and Subscribed with subscription form.

  • Geography : including Country, State, City, Zip and Area code.

  • Site & Event Data : including Has visited, Has not visited, Was referred from, Visiting device, Total page visits, and Total site visits.

  • Deals : including Has deal with status, Has deal in stage, Has deal with value, Has deal assigned to, Has total number of deals, Has total number of open deals, Has total number of lost deals, Has total number of won deals, and Has deal with title.

  • Attribution : including Has source, Does not have source, Has medium, Does not have medium, Has campaign, Does not have campaign, Has term, Does not have term, Has content, and Does not have content.

Click the Add New Segment Group button to filter by more than one condition.

After you create a new segment here, it will then be available for you to choose when you decide to send your next campaign. You can analyse the Segment in the Manage Groups Section.

Note: All groups created with the segment builder are dynamic in nature. i.e. the group will be updated on a daily basis automatically by plumb5. You cannot import or Auto-Assign to this group.