Beacon Marketing is good

With the rise of the mobile-empowered consumer, innovative marketers are using beacons to create more compelling, personalized customer experiences at the store and department level. Every in-store mobile experience that is delivered to a shopper must be relevant to the interests and behaviors of that shopper, and must provide clear value to the consumer

Plumb5, the segment of one marketing platform, now allows marketers to tag their beacon data to the customer stack and roll out engagement campaigns when in store, based on online and offline behavior.

Plumb5 and Beacons can be made to work together to create high relevance and value to all customer engagements, at the store

With Beacon data tagged to the customer profile, engagement can go to the extent of micro location, which converts to delivering store engagement, backed by context and insight thus enhancing conversion processes.

Plumb5 Mobile SDK allows Marketers to track visitors/customers and execute engagement rules based on customers’ in-store browsing journeys, time spent, products purchased, offers redeemed, or more.

With Plumb5 scripts running on your estore, you could even personalize online based on offline store behavior, purchases or even walk-flows

Using Beacons, businesses can exercise value optimization including offers, more personalized service, assistance with decision-making, and providing new convenience services

You can get started on customer engagement quickly at your store, if you are running Plumb5 for customer marketing and have implemented Estimote beacons.

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