Customer Engagement on Mobile Apps

Customer engagement has become such a priority that many businesses have agreed that it will be their primary driver of growth and productivity. This means that customer facing teams will be working closer than ever to find new and innovative ways to engage with customers across multiple touch points.

Today, customers demand more efficient and user-friendly experiences throughout the whole customer life cycle. Mobile apps give business many opportunities to improve the customer experience and to engage with customers. At the forefront of improving customer experience is context based user personalization

Plumb5 Platform allows marketers to track and engage customers on mobile apps and integrate interaction data to the unified stack, so that you can get full view of the customer which helps in strategizing the next actions and goals on your mobile app. Using the platform, marketers can engage their customers with personalized messages or through in-app chat

Mobile Engagement Features on Plumb5

  • Rule based In-App Personalization
    Using the Plumb5 SDK,Plumb5 Platform allows marketers to engage customers on mobile apps based on rules. Plumb5 offers a library of engagement forms, which can be easily configured and published by marketers
  • The rules console allows them to set conditions based on user conditions to trigger any kind of 1:1 contextual messages. Setting strategic rule based campaigns have shown increase in conversion rate and revenues.
  • Push Notification

    Marketers can trigger marketing campaigns or personalized information as push notifications to notify a user of new messages or events even when the user is not actively using the app. The message appears on the status bar and a tap could get the user active again
  • Customer Chat

    Using the Plumb5 SDK, Mobile App developers can call the chat function to enable in-app chat for enabling onscreen engagement with users. Chat Agents can use the Plumb5 chat console to service both web and mobile users, and make it possible to make decisions on-the-go to handle customer inquiries as quickly as they arise.
  • Reporting and Analytics
    Plumb5 Platform provides a comprehensive report building feature that allows marketers to create custom dashboards to measure userwise performance and popular events within the apps. Marketers can also set goal paths to analyze conversion flows and measure time to revenue effectively


  • The tracking feature allows the marketer to analyze data based on users, devices, sessions, events and geo-location
  • The engagement feature helps in engaging the app browser with targeted messages in real-time based on browsing behavior
  • The in-app chat feature allows the marketer to engage or answer customer queries in real-time
  • Using the geo-fencing feature, marketers can push notifications or activate campaigns, when the users are in a specific location
  • The marketer can connect forms in your mobile in order to automate triggers based on form fills and integrate responses to the unified stack
  • The marketer can integrate mobile behavior data to the unified stack in order to view unified behavior of the mobile customer across touch-points

Setting Geo-fencing Campaigns

The integrated unified approach gives both sales reps and customers what they want—access to information, in real-time. The Plumb5 Mobile App offers the sales teams the freedom and agility to better cater to customers and answer queries instantly