Customer State Machine

With customers using multiple touch-points, it is very important to engage them at every touch-point with relevance and context. In order to do that to every single customer, you have to resort to machine driven intelligent automation, which can learn and compute from past and present behavior in order to create true context and relevance in every customer’s experience.

So a state machine automation that can understand the state of the customer (by computing customer stages, behavior and interactions) can look at a rule book to perform the next action (personalized message) and collect responses to update the behavior. Using the concept of customer strings, this loop automation constantly updates the string in real-time. The string which is consumed by touch-points, have access to real-time insights of every single customer

Using these concepts, Plumb5 Platform allows business to configure engagement automation and create an instant personalized experience for their customers. The below deck features slides with deeper insights about the approach

With the next set of business trends inclined towards machine driven automation, there has been a number of initiatives in machine learning, artificial intelligence or even bots and robots (Ginger) based customer interactions. With learning on incomplete data sets will hinder intelligence, making machines prone to errors.

It is important to create a holistic relationship of customer data in order to learn and perform accurately. Plumb5 tags every data attribute pertaining to a single customer,which allows the machine to learn patterns and deduce intelligence with great accuracy.

If you are preparing your IT environment for tomorrow, you should consider playing with Plumb5 as your base platform, in order to run meaningful machine learning or artificial intelligence implementations