Earning customer loyalty for better brand building

Customers data culled from a loyalty site can give an idea as to; if all the mails being posted plus the time and money spent by an enterprise on cultivating a customer, is at all worth it. Having an effective loyalty programme, in fact, can make all the difference between business or no-business from a customer or group of customers.

Loyalty sites

Plumb5 unified marketing platform has developed the Map method to assess the effectiveness of loyalty sites. The method is used while two unique data types are tagged to arrive at a unified relationship of identifier.

For example when a retailer tags data, imported from a loyalty site and a mail service report, it is found that the unique identifier is just the email of the customer. So using this identifier, the user can derive reports on the effectiveness of email and spends on each customer.

Engage customers

A good loyalty programme ensures that customers come back to store time and again helping the business to grow consistently. The effectiveness of loyalty programs to win customer loyalty to a brand has been unquestionably proved. For the established players in the field it is a means of adding up to the customers’ online experience. The aim of it all is to drive customers to engage with a brand and earn their loyalty for it.

Plan well!

But at the end of the day managing customers’ loyalty for effective brand building along with growing profitability is no child’s play. It involves a complex process of planning an action plan that has a clear cut line of action, easy and faster to implement. The complexity of the entire exercise is due to the fact that there are no specific drivers of loyalty. It is therefore imperative to decide on who should spearhead the initiative: marketers, business developers or PR team in an enterprise!

Designing loyalty

With the team finalised, the attention needs to be focused on developing a viable loyalty design. A user-centric design is vital for developing customer loyalty towards a brand. The whole process includes data collection, facilitating online interaction, creating email for participation in loyalty programme, creating copy, involving social media and online communities, among other things. The programme should be accessible to all stake holders.

Developing programme

This brings us to the most important part of developing the customer loyalty programme. This involves creation of an implementation document, configuring of email, ensuing proper customer experiences and that there is no overlapping of loyalty programme code and existing cite code among other measures.

No hiccups please!

It is also vital to make sure there are no hiccups while customers are experiencing the loyalty programme online. Trial run of the programme helps remove many of the issues that are likely to throw a spanner into all your efforts. So it is better to have a double check on the software through which the loyalty programme is to be launched. Once the program is launched it’s time to monitor it and report on its progress with the help of technicians well versed in the task.