Plumb5 Lead Management Dashboard helps you articulate the value of your marketing campaigns and makes it easier for you to track these metrics.If you’re managing a team member struggling to meet their numbers or a top performer, a sales Lead dashboard can simplify sales cycles, and help you pinpoint exactly where your sales team is – and exactly where you need to take them. This dashboard gives you a view into how sales and marketing are working together. By creating a single dashboard for sales and marketing, both departments can make data-driven decisions.

Plumb5 Lead management dashboard has been designed to give you a clear picture of both Activity Reports & Results Reports.

The Dashboard has been divided into 6 sections, namely. The dashboard can be filtered by Day, Week or Month.



Leads In

Total No. of Leads captured.


Total no. of Leads who are not part of a lead Stage.


Total No. of leads contacted.

My Follow-ups


The top 5 follow-ups for the time period selected. Lead follow up is reaching out to a lead who has previously interacted with you. 

Lead Won


Total No. of leads won for the time period selected.

Lead Lost


Total No. of leads won for the time period selected.

Top Stages

The position of a Lead in marketing funnel based on its level of engagement is called Lead Stage.


Top 7 Lead stages for the time period selected.

Top Sources

A lead source can best be defined as the original point at which a customer first hears about you. It's the first step in your lead funnel and ground zero for your relationship with your customers.


Top 7 Lead sources for the time period selected.