Put Your Stationery Ecommerce on the Move

Stationery items once were limited to schools and colleges for the purpose of reading and writing. From pencils, erasers and notebooks, stationery items have moved on to notepads, designer and customized notebook covers and pencil boxes, stick-on notes, staplers, pins, pens, ink-pots, rulers, and the list goes on.

To some, stationery items are foundation of learning, and for others they are source of pouring thoughts out, to jot down ideas or an add-on to their memory power; with time, the functionality of simplest and smallest things have developed dimensions of purpose and popularity.

The rise in options for the customers, give rise to competition for an e-commerce business. It is imperative for the e-commerce business to generate visibility and intent, and also to drive revenues out of it.


One platform, multiple features:

One of the biggest challenges of an e-commerce business is extremely low conversion rates as consumers might visit numerous times before they make a purchase. It is extremely important to target relevant content based on customer intent and behavior, in order to improve conversion rates.

With the help of Plumb5, a clear distinction between an existing customer, or high potential lead or a first time visitor, is available which helps in automated real time targeting based on behavioral scores and auto-segmentation. The marketer can set further actions depending on the scores or insights of the customer

Personalized communication:

One of the best features of Plumb5 is the ability to personalize. Based on individual profiles, you can set engagement rules so that you can bring relevance to each individual visitor. If the customer is looking for stationery for school-going children, a college freshman or for employees in an office space, you can understand what they are looking for and target messages that drive towards the goal path

Also, with the automated bots, the history of customer’s behavior is tracked, which generates and personalizes content, combos, deals and products in the website suiting the preference of the customer.

These automated bots keep track of the past purchases to generate loyalty points, rewards and customized content for a better experience of the customer. It helps in building a loyal relationship with the customer with better services and transaction. You can even set automations for cart abandonment, cycle based purchases and recommendations to drive sales


Engage your customers:

Plumb5 helps you to create and customize demand generation forms, deals and combos, experience feedback and more, which keeps the customer engaged within the website and helps visitor experience a contextual experience.

In the era of social media networking, connecting with your customers with customized messages and offers will not only excite them, but could further influence their connections to try the product too

As the business progresses from a relationship of seller-buyer to friends, it becomes easier to create an awesome experience by building relevance for each customer.