Zoom into your mail marketing campaigns

Plumb5 Mail could be the most effective tool for a mail marketer as it packs email automation, scoring and insights into a single system. Here is a list of things that Plumb5 can seamlessly and efficiently optimize and add value to your current mail marketing efforts

The first advantage is that the inbuilt contact management system is the single source of all your business contacts. It can be a mailing list, contacts gathered for lead generation campaigns, sales prospect base, customers or your social group members. They can all be managed from a single place with access to unified insights

If Plumb5 analytics is enabled, all contacts will be tagged automatically to their sessions so that you can understand the behavior of this contact on your store or your website

Plumb5 integrates with Facebook Insights and Full Contact to populate contact information with social and demographic information, so that the marketer can understand more about the contact and his preferences

The next advantage is the personalization and execution of email campaigns by merging any information associated with contact details. Based on responses (unopen, open, link-clicks), you can assign follow-up messaging, using our n-tier workflows

If Plumb5 analytics is enabled, you can even trigger custom emails to drop-out customers or responsive prospects

The biggest advantage comes in the form of measurement and insights. Plumb5 mail reporting spans Campaign Measurement(Opens/Clicks), Campaign Effectiveness (which link in the emailer was clicked), User Summary (Who opened /Clicked) and User Communication History

User communication history allows the marketer to check the total mails sent to a particular contact over a period of time and his responses. Using the contact response scores, Plumb5 automatically groups contacts based on their responses as shown in the dropdown within the screen

The above screen illustrates all contacts who are responsive, (who have opened 50% of your emails sent to them and 35% were clicked)

You can even assign costs to measure the total spend on each of your contacts. This can be used during calculation of acquisition and retention costs, as you will exactly know the spends on each of your contacts

Plumb5 Mail Module can be synced with Shopping Cart platforms like Magento, Prestashop or CRM/Lead Management platforms so that you can manage all contacts from a single place

Plumb5 Mail module also has an inbuilt module for lead nurturing and conversion that helps sales folks to nurture, stage and convert their prospects, which comes integrated with behavior analytics, social and demographic preferences. Will take this up in my post on Plumb5 Prospect Base