Conversion Automation

Integrating Plumb5 to your store enables automation on your store. You can setup workflows to automate lead generation, lead conversion and retention campaigns, by using rules and scores. This enables constant communication with the audience on both web and email touch-points

Lead Conversion Example

Illustrated above is an example of lead conversion workflow (first purchase), where automation is implied from the first communication using a qualified mailing list, till the stage where the goals are met. The automation can be configured to escalate after a set number of attempts to minimize drifting prospects

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Lead Generation Automation

You can also setup workflows for generating leads from unknown visitors, resulting from Search or Referral Campaigns.

You can use the behavior and site interaction parameters to arrive at insights about the visitor which can further utilized for enticing the visitor to disclose his identity and intent.

Based on past cases, our customers have increased their lead generation effectiveness by 120%

Retention Automation

You can set different workflows to either remarket a product or to understand purchase behavior or to get product feedback

You can enable different triggers for customer segments and enable alerts and notifiers for drifting customers or risky customers

Identify popular purchase paths and enable workflows to route customer segments in the desired paths for higher optimization