Server Deployment Manual for Plumb5 On Premise Solution

Deployment Checklist

Hardware/Software/other requirements

Please note that the following configuration is approx. only and may change depending upon the traffic/load of the application.

Plumb5 Server Specifications

Application Server Configuration with admin access right

Operating System Windows Server 2012 Standard
Processor Min 4 Cores
RAM 8 to 32 GB
Disk Space 500 GB

Database Server Configuration with admin access right

Operating System Windows Server 2012 Standard
Processor Min 8 Cores
Disk Space 500 GB SSD
Software SQL 2014 Standard Edition (Per Core license)

Note: It is suggested that the servers be located close to the Region where the users are located.

Other Software/Frameworks/Internet required to be installed

Software/Framework To be filled by client (Y/N)
Access Data Engine to support Import from Excel functionality  
.Net 4.5 Framework  
Bandwidth Requirements Min 10 GB (For example, a modestly-popular blog with 1000 visitors per day, a 100 kb page size, and 2 pageviews per average visitor will only need about 8.5 GB of bandwidth per month). This has to evaluated based on the anticipated load.

Domain Requirement

Needed domain or subdomain with SSL

Domain Purpose Actual Domain/Subdomain to be filled by Client For reporting purposes For Tracking Analytics (for mail tracking) For email tracking (for sms tracking) (If possible please provide short url separate domain like ) For SMS tracking. It is suggested that a short URL be provided ex: to avoid URL consuming much of SMS limit For Chat tracking For Proxy sites  

Required Network ports

The following list of ports is required

Port Number Protocol/Service that is going to user this port To be filled by Client as Y/N
80 & 443 Web Server  
21 & 22 FTP  
  NO SQL DB Ports(if implemented)  

List of Windows Services to be configured

The following list of Windows Service has to be configured

Service Name How to install guide

Task Schedulers

The following list of task Schedulers have to be configured

Scheduler Name How to setup tasks guide

Email Configuration

Please follow the instructions to configure Email gateway for ElasticMail or NetCore.

Email id tagging

They need to send customer emailid after login <span id =''p5EmailId" style="display:none;">{{CustomerEmail}}</span>.

SMS Configuration

Please follow the instructions to configure SMS gateway for <>.

Event Tracking

Provide all events that need to be tracked and the corresponding Unique HTML Tag id or class.

Event Name Unique HTML id or class

Scripts to be Installed

Plumb5 Scripts <How to access scripts>

All Transaction scripts should be placed below the plumb5 main(analytic) script provided.

Support Requests

Role Name Email Address Contact Number
P5 Server Admin      
P5 Database Admin (If different from above)      
Developer to add P5 scripts or any other request on Client Website      

Application installation (First time installation)

Configuration files

SQL changes

Monitoring deployment