The Secret Of Plumb5 Pricing.

There’s a common misconception that inexpensive products are a sign of cheap quality, and that expensive is always better. Well, with Plumb5, we’ve found a way to deliver the highest quality product, without the accompanying sticker-shock.

How do we do it? In a word: technology.

Newer research has presented smarter methods to make the same high-quality products at half the cost. Plumb5 pricing optimization comes from the implementation of these smarter methods within the business. This allows us to optimize operational costs which then translate into optimized pricing for our customers.

Factors that make Plumb5 so affordable

User Based Pricing: For us, user-based pricing just did not make sense. We realized that the cost we incur is purely based on data storage and consumption. The cost remains the same no matter how many user permissions gets added to the system. Pricing based on users will create redundant overheads at the customer’s expense and indirectly affects by delaying returns on their investment.

Unified Architecture: A unified data architecture ensures that a single architecture is designed to map every data attribute across the business environment. This means that your data environment, which lies in silos today, is now tagged to the central architecture which takes away data duplicity creating a zero redundant data environment.


In the above scenario, you can see that maintaining customer data in silos leads to the business incurring cost on duplicate data year-on-year. Plumb5’s data organization eliminates these hidden costs and helps businesses maintain a clean data environment with faster returns. This gives us the competitive edge in pricing.

Data-Aware: Plumb5 data architecture is designed for data awareness, unlike unstructured data environments. With increasing data influx, an unstructured environment will give rise to massive growth in data and businesses will need to spend time and money to make sense out of this data by bringing them together.

The advantage of a data-aware design is that it allows the business to tag the incoming data to the unified structure, so data remains clean for computation. From a business perspective, it means that any new data source can simply be plugged into the existing design, without the need to spend huge amounts on data integration and cleansing. Thus, Plumb5 dramatically reduces time and cost when integrating new data, hence bringing down costs per customer support.

Automation: Plumb5 uses its proprietary automation concepts for its business. Processes like data integration, report generation, customer communication and support are 70% automated. This allows us to internally optimize spends, and pass on the benefits to our customers. Consequently, our price cards offer you the most competitive rates around.

Our pricing allows us to demonstrate faster ROI to our customers, where the data structure contributes to immediate bottom line growth and customer engagement automation contributes to effective top line growth.